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 Pain Relief/Management

Our Pain Relief is applicable for :


1. Chronic neck pain


2. Headaches


3. Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist pain


4. Lower back pain


5. Chronic  Hip, knee & ankle pain


6. Arthritis of different joints


Geriatric (Senior Citizen issues)

1. Pain related to ageing


2. Muscle Weakness related to ageing


3. Endurance


4. Arthritic Joint Pain


5. Postural problems related to aging


6. Balance/Falls problems


7. Sit to stand and back to sit stability


8. Parkinson’s Syndrome


9. Walking problems related to ageing


10. Joint stiffness related to ageing

Surgical Associated Rehabilitation

i) Pre surgical Pain relief and strengthening followed by


ii) Restoration to full potential for Post- surgical patients.




1. Total Knee replacement


2. Total Hip replacement


3. ACL surgery


4. Arthroplasties


5. Tendon reconstructions & repairs


6. Amputations


7. Spinal surgeries


8. Lateral ligament reconstructions

Post Fracture Rehablitation

We Provide specialized rehabilitation programs for conservative and post-operative fractures.


This Includes


   1.  Post fracture muscle/ joint evaluation.

   2.  Exercise Therapy/Conditioning to restore muscle performance

   3.  Gentle Joint release techniques for Post Fracture Stiffness

   4.  Treatment of stiffness and restoration of full range of motion

   5.  Gait management – In case your fracture requires you to use walking aids We provide both On-Field & Off Field treatment, with sports specific rehabilitation protocols



Treatment Protocols tailored to


    1. Racquet Sports

    2. Runners, Joggers

    3. Cyclists

    4. Other Sports related injuries.


Treatment for fast restoration is provided for


    1. Muscle Strain

    2. Ligament Sprain

    3. Tendinitis

    4. Bursitis

    5. Soft tissue injury (Tear / Rupture)

    6. Meniscal & disc injuries

    7. Joint de-arrangement issues


Sports Injury Management



We Treat for restoration and return to Work:


1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

2. Postural Pain syndrome

3. Muscle Strain

4. Ligament Sprain

5. Tendinitis

6. Bursitis

7. Soft tissue injury (Tear / Rupture)

8. Meniscal & disc injuries

9. Joint de-arrangement issues

Work Related Injuries



We take a scientific approach to Weight Loss involving Fitness, Nutrition and Motivation . Therapeutic exercise that will enable you to achieve optimal results. Your Physiotherapist will prescribe specific exercise programs based on your unique Diagnostic Testing results. Your program and training modalities will be based on your fitness level, exercise experience, gender, age, weight, health conditions, and individualised goals.

Weight Loss Consultation/Program



The needs of individuals with neurological diagnoses can often be somewhat different than those of orthopaedic and sports related injuries.  At Complete Physiotherapy & Rehab Clinic we have the experience and expertise to treat neurological diagnoses including, but not limited to:


    1. Cerebrovascular accident (STROKE)

    2. Traumatic brain injury

    3. Parkinson’s disease

    4. Multiple Sclerosis

    5. Guillian-Barre syndrome

    6. Vestibular dysfunctions

    7. Cerebellar dysfunction

Neurological Conditions


NOTE: Other Injuries/Conditions


Any injury/Condition not mentioned above can be quickly evaluated and if treatment is not available here, we will refer appropriately. ©  All Rights Reserved, 2014