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At Complete Physiotherapy and Rehab Clinic, our commitment is to help you achieve a desirable treatment outcome within a reasonable time frame and to provide you with a positive client experience in a friendly environment.


To achieve this goal, we will: listen carefully, assess thoroughly, diagnose accurately, explain clearly, treat properly and advise simply.


This approach is underpinned by our staff undertaking continuing education and embracing continuous improvement.



Techniques used




In Physiotherapy we have a wide range of methods we can use to help you results. The combination of treatments will vary depending on your goals but we have included some of our common methods below.

1. Kinesio taping

2. Rigid tapping

3. Advanced Core stabilization

4. Exercise prescription for life style disorders

5. Comprehensive rehabilitation for neurological problems

6. Advanced physiotherapy modalities

7. Bio feedback

8. Cryo/cuff cryotherapy unit

9. IFT UST Combination therapy unit

Advanced physiotherapy Approaches:



1. Task oriented approach

2. Bobath / Neuro developmental therapy

3. brunnstrom movement therapy

4. Motor relearning programme

5. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

6. Jonestone approach

7. Sensory Integration therapy

8. Roods approach

Musculoskeletal Manual therapy Approaches:

1. Cyriax concept

2. Maitland concept

3. Mulligan concept

4. Mckenzie concept

5. Sahrman Techniques

6. Neural Mobilization concept

7. Muscle Energy Techniques

8. Integrated neuro muscular inhibition technique

9. Myofascial release technique

10. Trigger point therapy

11. Muscle energy technique

12. Positional release technique ©  All Rights Reserved, 2014